About Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez is an entrepreneur from Anaheim, California who fearlessly dropped out of university, left his secure career and started a successful lead generation business together with his most trusted and talented colleague Nancy Torres.  

Carlos is a digital marketing consultant, among many other titles, who helps business owners profit wildly through his unique methods of delivering low cost leads to his clients.  Through his unique strategies he has been able to consistently prove a positive ROI to his clients.

Carlos thrives off of providing the very best service possible while also providing the best results to his clients.

"Nothing feels better than truly helping kind-hearted, hardworking and self-motivated entrepreneurs, reach the next level. Not only in their business, but also in their lives."  - Carlos Alvarez
About Nancy Torres
Nancy Torres is an entrepreneur from Orange County, California who confidently left the university while pursuing a career in health care, to instead successfully start a leads and generation business alongside her professional and confided in colleague Carlos Alvarez.

Nancy is a digital marketing consultant who proudly and efficiently helps business owners profit immensely through her unique methods of delivering low cost leads to her clients. Through her particular strategies she has continuously achieved positive ROI for clients.

Nancy makes it her absolute priority to attain the best results along with providing the best service to her clients.

"I pride myself in the belief we are all part of the bigger picture and if I can be a part of helping someone successfully achieve what they strive for, then I will make it happen."
- Nancy Torres
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